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Andrés Canepa is a Chilean Italian engineer and photographer. He was born in Santiago, Chile, 1962.
He studied engineering and is the founder and owner of the prestigious structural and acoustic engineering consultant company Canepa Ingenieros

He graduated from the Engineering Sciences Faculty of Universidad de Chile in 1983, obtaining his degree in Civil and Structural Engineering with maximum distinction in 1988. He officiates as a technical inspector for structural engineering projects since 2005 -the highest acknowledgment to professionals in this area given by the Chilean government.

Family tradition and a taste for art, combined to his technological expertise got him to create the first and most visited art gallery on the Chilean Web, whose main task is to promote the work of Chilean artists for free.

Andres started his way into photography as a self-taught person and has been studying photographic techniques basically through observation and practice.

Since 2004 Andres has come to participate in some of the most important international photographic competitions, as a way to increase his knowledge and skills on the field. He has reached more than eight hundred acceptances in these competitions throughout the last five years. His work has been recognized by several photographic Institutions, such as IIWF, VOAV, BBSV, ISF, PSA, Aqueducte, Photo Magazine (France), Trierember Super Circuit, Tutti Fotografi Magazine (Italy).

Andrés Canepa has participated in group exhibition in various countries, namely USA, England, Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, China, Qatar, Cyprus, Vietnam and Argentina.

The Spanish “Museo Internacional de Fotografía” (MIF), has requested five of his works to be accessed into the contemporary division of the photographic collection.