Andres Canepa Photography

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:: Andres Canepa Photography :: Women dressed or naked in different situations, lead us in a world in which delusion and poetry, aggressiveness and eroticism are not contradicted. It is not provocation but complicity what is sought, and is this relation with the spectator which indeed provides authenticity and power to these images.

Nudes, portrait, emotions and humour: in these four categories we could classify the work of our author.

Andres Canepa likes to play with the mixture of these sorts. Nudity and emotions, portrait and humour..., each one of his photographs is lightened and fitted by a dramatic, theatrical style, rousing in our imagination a scope of situations, stories or desires that shape a speaking and caricaturized image of life.

Andres Canepa blends imagination and reality, declaring the will to stage, to tell a history, to disguise and transform emotions. His style develops from his series works. They are series of all kinds, on recurring subjects, situations and perspectives, under the same light conditions, of repeated scenic means, applied time and time again throughout time.